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As you can see from this site, I have embraced CSS and XHTML whole heartedly in my approach to web design. It's a relatively new thing. Until recently I was just using CSS to set styles globally on a site, but using tables for layout.

That was until I visited the CSS Zen Garden and a few of the other CSS sites out there, they opened my eyes to some of the possiblilities that CSS had.

I hope you like the site, I hope it inspires you to look at how you build websites (if indeed you do), and that you'll either start using CSS, or perhaps look at how you use it more closely.

It really is fantastic stuff.

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  1. imran


    The power of CSS is amazing. I’ve seen a few sites like this one where i’ve been blown away by what you can do. Alot of DHTML and other funkiness can be avoided if your clever with your stylesheet.

    I want to manage a stick up footer on the website for IE 5.0 +. with CSS As you can see 1 on bmw.co.uk



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