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I've just been reading an article on business startups by Brendon Sinclair. He shows three examples of success that I found interesting as a comparison to how we think of success. Everyone has a different opinion.

In his examples:

The first guy runs his own internet business, works when he feels like (averages an hour a day), takes time off whenever he likes, lives in a modest two-bed place, has enough to buy a beer whenever he wants.

The second runs a multi-million dollar business, works hard but enjoys it and drives a Porsche, stars in his own TV ads, etc.

The third is Brendon himself, he works 8:30-12, goes to the gym and then a cafe most days.

Which would you call successful?

The reason I'm interested is because I want to become number one, I want to lounge about but still make enough money to live, and I also want to make enough money so that, if I wanted, I would never have to work again.

But that's two goals, surely?

Well, yes, but I'm a complex person. So I'm aiming for them one at a time. This year I'm aiming to start and run enough small internet ventures to allow me to give up my unrelated, boring, sou-destroying day job. That's my plan. I state it because I want to make it solid and so that I can drive towards it (another of Brendon's tips incidently).

Oh, and if anyone has any ideas, let me know: reg@mowp.net

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  1. Ann

    So from 3rd Feb 2004 how is the plan for giving up work coming. Earning plenty from afiliate schemes?
    Any tips for others trying to leave the rat race?

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