Edinburgh: My Visit

Well, Edinburgh was fun. Plenty of history, tons of classic buildings (I'm a sucker for architecture), and it didn't even rain. Well worth a look.

I found something interesting in the back of one of the guidebooks I got out the library:

Speak Scots

  • Barry: good, excellent, attractive. A general term of acclaim.

  • Bampot: a nutter.

  • Ben: the back room of your house.

  • Boake: to be sick/vomit.

  • Chum: to accompany.

  • Dinnae: don't, as in 'just dinnae go there.'

  • Disnae: doesn't.

  • Dob: a small amount, a dab. Often used in conjunction with 'wee.'

  • Dreich: wet, dull, tedious.

  • Eijit: idiot.

  • Get: to go with.

  • Messages: shopping, groceries.

  • Oxter: armpit.

  • Piece: sandwich.

  • Radge: barmy, mad.

  • Scran: food.

  • See: take (e.g. 'See that, you radge.')

  • See you: 'Oi you.'

  • Stushie: a fight or altercation.

  • Youze: plural of you.

As promised, some photos:

Steps in Edinburgh Castle

Steps in Edinburgh Castle

National Monument

National Monument (Note 1)

Port of Leith Lighthouse

Port of Leith Lighthouse

Tennants Sign

Tennants Sign (Note 2)

Hollyrood House Sign

Hollyrood House Sign

Nelson's Column

Nelson's Column (Note 3)

Port of Leith Lighthouse (2)

Port of Leith Lighthouse (2)

Britannia's bell

HMY Britannia's bell

Carlton Hill

Carlton Hill

Foog's Gate

Foog's Gate

Edinburgh Castle Courtyard

Edinburgh Castle Courtyard (Note 4)

Edinburgh Castle Hospital Door

Edinburgh Castle Hospital Door

Mons Meg

Mons Meg (Note 5)

Cannon Shot

Cannon Shot (Note 6)

Horse Statue

Horse Statue

Edinburgh Castle Entrance

Edinburgh Castle Entrance


  • 1. A replica of the Parthenon, the National Monument is dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Napoleonic Wars, but only half the money was raised, so only half (literally) was built.

  • 2. On a pub near the Port of Leith I found this nautical Tennants beer sign.

  • 3. Built to commemorate Lord Nelson, fashioned after his telescope and once used to signal 1pm to sailing ships and allow them to set their clocks accurately.

  • 4. No idea who this guy is.

  • 5. Mons Meg is a legendary siege cannon, last time it was fired, it blew up. Currently, we estimated, if it was fired, it'd take out a branch of Boots.

  • 6. These are what Mons Meg fires (not the kids, duh), the last time it shot one, it was found 2 miles away!


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