Shut I.T.

I have a pet peeve I would like to share with you all: people who swear, shout and rant at their computers. I've known quite a few in my time. One of the guys at work (who is probably reading this) is a particularly big fan of calling his computer names. The other evening my sister was doing likewise and my dad has his moments. This rant is aimed at anyone who shouts at their computer.

I would like to start by explaining that computers are machines. They don't think, they don't feel, they don't get happy, or sad, they don't suffer bouts of laziness or get the urge to do something mischievous. They do exactly what they're told. They don't try to second guess, or improvise, they don't respond to criticism or praise. You tell them what to do and they do it.

If they're not doing what you want them to do it's because either you haven't told them correctly, or someone else has told them not to do it. So next time you're thinking of abusing the screen, take a deep and realise you fucked up, not it.


  1. Kevin

    I bitch to my friend at work because my computer at work is slow... However, I don't directly shout or scream at it, as it won't serve any purpose. I agree with you, however. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say. :)

    On a side note, the above says nothing for me calling myself names for doing something to make my computer do something retarded.

  2. Steve

    I put my hands in the air.
    I admit it was me giving the box grief. But I still maintain as all machines are made, maintained & programmed by humans, and, therefore have inherited all our inadequacies, which through no fault of the machine, manfest themselves in a numbingly frustrating manner.
    PC rage is like road rage, where you can rip the liver out of your(perceived) enemy, whilst comfortably sat behind the screen, safe from the other party who by direct, or indirect, means has caused your day to be slightly less fulfilling than back seat tickets at an Whigfield gig.

  3. Alison

    Right, I feel I must join it at this point!

    Being the person who sits next to the above mentioned profanity emitter, I feel I must in some way jump to his defence! Having recently been"XP'd" at work, our entire batch of PCs have suddenly become what I can only describe, at the risk of sounding xenophobic, Yankified. XP (Xcruciatingly Painful) was developed and distributed by the Americans. XP itself (Xtreamly Ponderous) is, like it's creators, large, dim and incredibly slow!!!! (And full of holes, but that's an entirely different matter!) Yes, it's just a machine and as such shouting at it is pretty inneffectual. However, I like to think that when I, or my colleague are shouting at it we are in fact having a quiet word in the ear of the stupid poxy Americans who designed the blinkin thing so badly in the first place!!!

    And anyway, at least he's not shouting at me....which is nice.

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