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Now I’m not a numismatist (a coin collector), but having Euros floating about in my pockets all the time (I need the change for the train) means I was idly wondering about the designs on the back. Somewhere deep in the confused recesses of my mind, I remembered that each country produced it’s own designs, a way of standing out, while all sharing the same currency (an idea of genius in my view, the designs, not the currency, I like my exchange rates). A quick hunt on the internet turned up a site that had all the current designs (I was primarily interested in the two Euro coin though, being the biggest and best decorated – a choice of two colours for a start).

So far, I’ve had coins from Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and, obviously, the Netherlands. And that’s just the ones I’ve been paying attention to.

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  1. Philippe Creytens

    Coins have one side that is different depending on the country of origin. Banknotes are (seemingly) all identical. The serial number of each note shows where the note was printed.

    More info:

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