Fear of Time

I'm not sure, but I think I suffer from Chronophobia. The reason I'm unsure is that I don't fear time as such, I fear not having enough of it. It's a strange thing, like some sort of genetic-level impulse, an instinct, that means I think I'm running out of time, or causes me to worry about running out of time even when I needn't. It isn't a constantly running thing, it doesn't hit me every second of every day, but when deadlines are looming and when I sit back and do a kind of life assessment, you know, to take stock, it rears itself as a deep churning sensation in my stomach and feeling of pressure on my brain.


  1. Richard

    I just fell across this site when I was searching for more info on the fear of time so I apologise If my comment is brief and of the sleeve. I know what you mean about not fearing time but the lack of it - there is a mental image I still have from when I was a kid that I saw myself as an old man - I felt it too I felt like my whole body and mind was decaying. Nothing happened for ages no fear nothing perfectly normal life and still now although I have had problems (entirely unrelated I assure you) Ithey havn't been unassailable. BUT! I have for the past year or so found myself everytime I look at my watch or a digital clock finding double numbers that is 11:11 or 21:21 etc for a while I thought this was quirky and fun but I can't stop doing it now and its not like I look at my watch compulsively just at random times but its when I feel like I'm behind or losing time!

  2. Darren

    I have been trying to explain this same thing for some time now. I am 24 years and quite successful in comparison to other friends but feel like I'm running out of time and need to move on and upwards. I am not confusing this with being ambitious and putting pressure on myself as I do not want to progress in the career field but am happy as a run of the mill worker doing 9-5. This I feel is directly linked with feeling very emotional about the past - totally unrelated also I promise - even as recent as my university days which was 2 years ago. I get the same gut feeling when I pass my Primary School which I attended at the age 5-11. I remember when I was 11 or 12 looking at a photo of myself taken when I was 4 or 5 years old (by the way I had the best childhood and upbringing and no more privilged than the next kid) and getting upset. I can't really describe it in more detail than that. I did see a question on the TV the other day asking what Chronophobia was the fear of and ofcoure it was time so I thought I'd look it up. Now I'm not sure if it is exactly that?

  3. elizabeth

    i experience the same thing, i'm just 18 but i remember at age 4 i was crying and screaming repeating "i want to be little again" its followed me ever since, i'm nostalgic to the point of tears. every morning i acknowledge i have one day less to live out my life. its a very dominant aspect of my life. i wonder if there is any recognised condition or if i'm just being a big hypocondriac heh

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