Oh, Shoot

Last week I noticed the Dutch use the word shit a lot. I had noticed it before, but not to the same extent, limiting themselves to the occasional jovial use every now and again. Last week, however, as someone was repeating it in a little mantra after making a mistake, one of my English colleagues, who has lived in the Netherlands for some time, pointed out that she still finds it strange. In the UK and, I believe, the US, it’s considered a fairly strong swear word, but to the Dutch is seems far more similar to Damn, or maybe something even softer. Kids and teachers say shit for example. Just another one of those things that is slightly different to back home.

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  1. Melita

    Here in Croatia (as probably in the rest of Southeastern Europe, which is one of the strongest swearing-society regions of the world), the English word shit is used very frequently; it really is just a little mantra. If there is need for stronger expressions, we have the vast collection of swears in our own language.

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