The Female Form

Now, before I start, I realise that this post could be interpreted as sexist, offensive, or just make me out to be some sort of pervert. I don’t mean to offend anyone, so should it do so, I can only offer an unconditional apology.

Men stare at women; it’s an open and well-known fact. It’s frowned upon in today’s modern and (supposedly) equal society, but that doesn’t stop it happening. I’m not going to debate whether it’s demeaning, or whether women seek out attention, or anything like that. Women’s rights aren’t my strong suit and, in my experience, women are more than capable of standing up for their own rights. No, I would just like to state that we (that is, men) find the female form pleasing. In fact I believe I speak for all (straight) men when I say that we would like to bow down and give praise to whatever or whoever created it. Whether you believe in God (of any persuasion), or are a firm atheist, no matter if you think evolution is responsible, or some other hand, I’d like to think that we are all united in our praise over how good a job was done.

I’m stating a fact, surely? So, why would I bother to voice these thoughts? Well it may be taken as read, but I wanted to explain the workings of the male mind. Most people would probably see this as pointless; it’s supposedly very basic and, if you believe even the most junior of psychologists, largely concerned with one topic: sex. That may well be the case, and most women would probably describe the stares as ogling, or leering, or some other word that conjures up mental images of middle-aged men in raincoats. Generally speaking though, we do it simply because just seeing a woman, especially an attractive woman (something that varies for each man), gives us a good feeling, a lift (not in that way you sicko). It can really brighten your day. I’m not talking about women in bikinis, or revealing outfits, or a figure-hugging one piece. We don’t need to be mentally undressing you, or fantasizing about bedding you. Just everyday women, walking around, dressed in perfectly ordinary clothes. Just a glimpse of you is enough to make our day worthwhile. Seriously, it’s the truth.

Now, I could try and analyse it. I could argue that women were designed, either from the start, or by gradual honing through millions of years of evolution, to have this kind of effect, somewhere deep down in the male psyche. I could suggest that women’s clothing, make-up, fashions, even their nuances have all been developed to evoke such a response. And I certainly think that women were and are capable of knowing their abilities and tuning them to mess with guy’s heads. But I’d rather say that they possess an aloof magic, a magic that we can see shine through them every time we look at them. So next time you catch a guy looking at you, no matter how briefly, remember that we don't mean to offend, we just want to catch a glimpse of that magic.


  1. Penny J

    How would you feel if your girlfriend, or wife stared at some guy while she was out with you? Would that make you feel more, or less, than a man?

  2. Lee (author)

    Let's get past this, women do stare at men. Not as openly maybe, but it still happens. I've worked in offices where women were numerically dominant and they're just as bad as men when it comes to objectifying the opposite sex in conversation.

    And what the hell is the whole point of women's fashion, make-up and grooming industries? Ask yourself this question (I assume you're a woman), is it to make you feel better or is it so other people look at you?

  3. Danielle

    Personnally from a young womans point of view i can say that this artical did not offend me in the slightest. Infact i think that it is uplifting and puts females across in a superior light. Although to defend women, generally when it comes to a male stare comming our way it can be quite intimidating and more recently a stare turns in a comment.

    A little advise to all you males 'actions speak louder than words'!

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