Flickr Enhancements

I got an email from the Flickr crew (aka The Flickreenies) recently explaining that, as I’m a Pro account holder I was being rewarded with an increase in my upload transfer allowance (from 1 to 2 GB), a doubling of my account lifespan (I paid for two years I now get four) and two free Flickr Pro accounts to give away (so start being nice to me).

God love Flickr.


  1. Ash Haque

    two free Flickr Pro accounts to give away (so start being nice to me).

    OMG! You have the nicest website I've ever seen! Well maybe not, but your website design is very nice though. It inspired me a few months ago to redesign my own site to be more user friendly and effective :)

  2. longplay

    Nice try, Ash. I may be offering at least one up for competition, I'll post details when I have them.

  3. Ash Haque

    Lol, cool. How about some kind of design contest? You make some html and we have to style it or something similar :)

  4. Ciaran

    I think you should give me the free Flickr pro account because I need somewhere to put my travel photographs.

    My main blog is but I'm after setting up one to keep people up to date on my travels at:

    As you can imagine, trying to read about someones travels without photographs is impossible, so I need somewhere to upload my photographs, and the free account wont be enough.

    I'm heading away on 4th May, so need to get it set up soon. I'm going to Florida, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and California for 2 months in total, so if you'd like to see how I get on, then give me the account.

    I'd appreciate it if you could give me the account as it will allow you and my friends keep up to date on my travels.


  5. Bassam

    I would love to get an flickr pro account. Should it really be called "pro"? I am not a pro at anything these days, but I'd love to be a pro of flickr.

  6. manish sharma

    hi. i am an architecture student in india and i reeeaallly need a flickr pro account to put all my portfolio of work on the net. i will be truly thankful.

    you can see my current work at

    it shows my architectural thesis-all plastic i did myself and also my other architecural renderings


  7. Lee (author)

    Sorry, folks, the Flickr Pro accounts expired some time ago.

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