Flat as a Pancake

I'm always astounded when we take off and land on my bi-weekly trips to and from the Netherlands. Everyone knows Holland is flat, and I mean real flat, but just how flat it is cannot be described. I thought parts of the UK were flat, perhaps they are, but there's no comparison. I did a trawl through Flickr and found some photos to illustrate my point, here's the Dutch ones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And also some of the English landscape, and this was picking photos of 'flat' landscape, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

I also thought that our fields were generally nice and square. Er, not so, and certainly no match for those I've seen when flying over the Dutch landscape. I grabbed a couple of screenshots of satellite images using Google Earth.

winchester area schiphol area

Now, the resolution isn't too great and they're 10 miles up, but you can easily see the difference between the long, narrow, drawn-with-a-ruler fields surrounding Schiphol/Amsterdam Airport on the right and the messy, random, wandering borders of the fields surrounding Winchester.


  1. Sarah N

    Yus, I know the feeling. And to think I'm probably going to be living there for a couple of years! I'm going to miss inclines. And declines.

    Just a thought related to listbooks - would it be possible to have an rss feed of the new additions? I thought it would be a good feed to add to crazybooks, and I could place it as a block on the front page.

  2. longplay

    You don't miss them that much, besides, why do you think cycling is so popular here?

    I had planned on adding an RSS feed, shouldn't be too hard, just need to figure out how.

  3. Sarah N

    I did guess. Aside from the lack of 'clines, the relative safety for cyclists on the road in the Netherlands, when compared to the UK, is wonderous. Even I am happy cycling when I'm over there, although I'm used to mountai bikes, so the more old fashioned sort over there unnerved me muchly when I first tried it.

  4. longplay

    We have found it funny to see youngsters riding around on bikes no one but a granny would ride in the UK, it's even funnier when you see the guys in town trying to be cool then getting on some beaten up hunk of junk. In the UK they'd jump into a beaten up old banger with a thumping stereo.

  5. Matt Green

    Thats because our fields are thousands of years old. I'm sure our farmers would love to change the boundries and make them nice and straight but the conservationist types would have a field day if you started ripping up hedges! Now I could go on about ecosystems and habitats but quite frankly i CAN'T BE BOTHERED.

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