Bald-headed Women

I find the recent outcry that Britney shaving her hair off obviously signals she's gone nuts and needs to sit down and talk to someone a little odd, but I was reading an article from the BBC and when you think about it women with shaved heads do seem to get some sort of stigma attached to them.

It seems a little odd, but thinking about it, I would find a women with a shaved head strange. I'd like to think that is was just because it was unusual and that I would quickly get used and comfortable with it, but it goes to show that we are conditioned to think and react on subjects we wouldn't normally consider, which is worrying when you think about what else we could and are conditioned to think.

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  1. steve

    I think bald-headed women are sexy when I rarely see them. I wish more women would take the plunge. It would be something different than the same ole looks you see all the time from women. On the contrary, I think too many men are bald. The look has become boring for men and doesn't even draw attention anymore.

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