Dated URLs for Posts

If you look at the URLs to my posts you'll notice that they have the year, month and day, along with the title in them. Personal choice when I started the site, but a lot of people work this way. I've noticed when I'm trawling through Google looking for advice, reviews or something else the URL, when in this sort of format, is often useful for checking to see if a site if worth checking due to the date it was published. Technology moves on at quite a pace and looking for advice on something on a page from 2005 is often a waste of time, so it helps me to eliminate that as a page to look at (unless I get real desperate).

Unfortunately, many sites don't use this at all, especially some of the larger companies (most newspaper, magazine and news sites, for example). So, either we need more people using date in the URL, or Google to identify when a page was last published.

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  1. Justin

    I have to agree on this. I also use the year/monthy/day/title format in my URLs. The main reason I do this is to allow users to easily find other content by way of the URL. This way, they can erase the title and on down to look at previous posts if they want. It definitely helps when you're looking for something that needs to be more recent in searches too.

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