Thunderbird 3 is out

If, like me, you can’t stand webmail interfaces for reading and replying to emails you’ll be glad to know Mozilla finally got around to releasing a new version of Thunderbird, their email client, you can download it here.

Some of the new features:

  • Tabbed browsing of emails (why? not using it)
  • Search (better search is always good)
  • Message archiving (sounds useful)
  • Smart Folders (merges things like multiple inboxes, could be useful, not using it)
  • Easier account setup (good)
  • One-click address book (about time!)
  • Attachment reminder (never forget to add it!)
  • Activity manager (why, I don’t care what it does, it could use magic as long as my emails appear)
  • Better junk mail and phishing protection (I use Gmail, works great even if the UI is useless)

More details about the new features can be found here.


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